Nov. 10, 2021

Why women dress so provocatively

Why women dress so provocatively
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Intro from @nikkos_ramone. Outro from @lifeofloganpodcast. Transcription created on Nov 7, 2021 at 12:00:05 AM My good friend Roosevelt on the X and Y show did an episode recently asking if men should have control over the way women dressed . I listen to that episode and we both agreed that he should not. we agreed that they dress provocatively especially when they're in a relationship or married. he said that women love attention and no real man would allow his woman to dress like that. I came back with Some men actually like their women or prefer the women to dress the way they do especially if they get some form of breast enhancement. Welcome to Drea’s Point of View. I am your hostess Drea. if you are a new listener welcome and if yours is a listener welcome back I want you to hit that subscribe button so you can get that double dose of me every week. Please make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook at drea’s point of view As well as on Twitter at Drea point. I thought about it and said well men love attention too. They walk around in fitted suits, muscle shirts , they get tatted up and they drive around in cars that have the top down with music blasting they have their pants sagging down so what's the difference . I thought about doing an episode like who wants more attention but thought that It would be more interesting to learn why some women dress the way they do since I see a lot of a woman dressing leaving nothing to the imagination especially when they are with men not when they're alone. The journal personality and individual differences Machiavelli says They seek central attention and narcissism relax the need for attention and then it's also been said that daddy issues play apart. iIt’s when they were not loved as children so they see the need for that as an adult. attention seeking behavior is caused by loneliness or lack of self-esteem. Part of the reason for the lack of attire has to do with histrionic personality disorder. when you feel unappreciated, when you are not getting enough attention. It pertains to narcissism where are you may dress or act a certain way especially like in the workplace. I know back in the day my dad used to buy most of the clothes for my mom and Jim wearing that stuff when they went out he may have bought certain stuff for her to wear in the house but that's a different Story. I want to leave you with a quote from Muhammad Ali you must not lose faith in humanity. humanity is like an ocean If a few drops of the ocean are dirty , the ocean does not become dirty. make sure you go to catch up on my episodes give me review buy some merchandise even buy me a coffee. thanks so much for listening. --- Send in a voice message:

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