Nov. 28, 2021

What are you gifting this year?

What are you gifting this year?
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Intro courtesy of @nikkos_ramone. Outro courtesy of @lifeofloganpod. at time of year again. what do you think of what to get that special someone and how much to spend here's a newsflash you can get good gifts without spending that good money welcome to address one of you I am your host is Drea if you are a new listener hit that subscribe button so you can get a biweekly dose of Drea and if you are a seasoned listener. I'd like for you to do the same. So it's crazy to Me how many people wait until the last minute and break the bank for that perfect gift first thing you need to do is set a budget you get some great gifts for under $20 and I've got some good gift ideas that you can use. I made a gift episode last year in October you can get ideas from that as well but I thought I'd come up with some other things for those of you who want to give nice gifts at a nice price. The first gift you can give them some pod merchandise give them something from you it definitely will be effective giving to those that don't really listen to you do you get some good things out of there. I know one of my favorites is a deck of playing cards with my logo on it and it's so think it's like 10 maybe $12 the second gift Idea is a portable Bluetooth speaker and that's not much at all. I've actually seen that a couple places for cheap that gift of music you can't go wrong with that as a gift that keeps on giving. it helps though if you know their musical taste there's nothing like getting a good classic record for the holidays. --- Send in a voice message:

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