Dec. 15, 2021

Mock Funeral

Mock Funeral
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Imagine getting an invite to attend not just a funeral but a mock funeral I was watching an episode of the show called curb your enthusiasm where someone decided to hold a funeral he invited guests to say things about him while he still alive as he sits in another room and watches it all unfold I was talking to someone about it and said yeah I actually consider doing this a while back Welcome to Drea’s Point of View. I am your hostess Drea. if you are a new listener welcome and if you're a seasoned listener welcome back .please hit that subscribe button for me so that you won't miss an episode from Drea each week. so I was curious how many people would show up maybe and that's not so much that but really what would they say then I thought about how strange it would be to not only Send an invite to someone but actually get an invite to someone's Mock service and chances are you wouldn't be genuine you would think it was a joke or if you were just you probably wouldn't even just you probably won't even show up. Intro from @nikkos_ramone . Outro from @lifeofloganpod. Recorded and edited @mzoundz. --- Send in a voice message:

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