Dec. 12, 2021


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What is Ikigai? at first glance it looks like a three syllable word but the correct pronunciation from the Japanese is LE guy he it means finding happiness in life or your reason for living what makes you get out of bed in the morning Welcome to dress point of you I am your hostess Drea if you are a new listener welcome to the show and if you are a seasoned listener welcome back I invite each of you to hit that subscribe button so you can get that double dose of Drea each week. you may follow me on IG and meta-address is going to be you and Twitter @reappoint. this concept comes from Japanese principles of health and wellness some researchers think That if we lived by our Ikigai we could be more fulfilled and live a happier life there are some benefits to Ikigai and I will name of you it improves your resilience it may help people go through times of hardship it makes you feel like life is worthwhile to continue living it also improve self satisfaction those who have it Happy nails perform tasks for their own satisfaction and not for the approval of others as opposed to those who don't have it I need approval from others we got a reduces anxiety studies show that it contributes to the secretion of dopamine and releases Intro @nikkos_ramone. Outro @lifeofloganpod. Edited @mzoundz. --- Send in a voice message:

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