May 24, 2023

Episode 373: Why do Women Hate other Women?

Episode 373: Why do Women Hate other Women?

Intro and outro from @nikkos_ramone. This episode gives reasons women hate other women. Info gathered from and (2022). Please follow the show on ig, Pinterest, fb, and clubhouse @dreaspointofview and on twitter @dreapoint. --- Send in a voice message:

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In this podcast episode, the Pod Breed network is introduced as a platform for diverse and small podcasts to come together. Drea’s  Point of View is highlighted as a podcast that offers unique perspectives in 10 minutes or less.

Drea discusses the topic of why women hate other women, citing personal experiences and articles that offer insight into the issue. She suggests that women should support and encourage each other instead of competing and comparing themselves to others. The importance of self-love and positive affirmations is emphasized. 

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Drea (00:00:02) - The pod breed network is strictly for the small podcasts that are up and coming in. The vast world of podcasting pod breed is made up of many diverse podcasts coming together to achieve the same goal of being the best damn podcast network on the planet. Find out

Drea (00:00:28) - There are over 2 million podcasts, but how many of those can massage the mind?Elevate the senses, take you to another plateau. Allow me to introduce you to Dre's point of view, the 10 minute or less podcast that brings you observations and experiences from her perspective.

Drea (00:00:57) - This topic is all too relatable for me. At least.Women hate they throw a shade.

Why do women hate other women? I find it happens very often in the black community. I've been in so many spaces where I've been in a room full of women or just myself and another one, and if I don't get stared down, someone will make a backhanded compliment or just not speak at all. I came across some articles that may give some insight into why that may be. I'm Drea, the host is of Drea’s point of view. If you are on IG Clubhouse, Pinterest or Facebook, you can follow the show at Drea’s point of view, and if you are on Twitter, you can find me @Drea point.

Drea (00:01:47) - I really found this to be an interesting topic since it's no secret how women act towards one another. Guys see it all the time. The hate I get doesn't come from a particular race or age, although I will say I've noticed it more from women who are either bigger than me or much older than me. The only thing I can attribute to those factors is envy. remind them of what they used to be or could never be. Most people do wanna be something else. The old wanna be young, big, wanna be small. Not always, but just from my experience, according to find a way, women are envious of what others have.

Whether it's an article of clothing or something that we see them with on social media,

Drea (00:02:45) - We envy.Women are self-conscious. I know this for a fact. We all have something that we don't like about ourselves, but it's so easy to find something to nitpick about on someone else. I remember in modeling days, there would be someone commenting and they would usually be bigger than me.

I'm like, we're all here for the same purpose. What difference does it make because they have more clothes that can fit me than you. I mean, what does it, what does it matter? There's always gonna be someone who has something that you don't. Be proud of what you have. Be proud of the cards in your hand. We see each other as competition. Someone is funnier than you has been to more places than you. Live somewhere that you don't has a rich partner, and getting our feelings. We're taught that there isn't room for all of us at the top.

Drea (00:03:42) - In workplaces especially. We have to compete with men and feel like the rest of us have to be catty to get in a certain position. It's crazy.

According to wb five real and Raw Reasons women hate each other and Shouldn't by Angel Welsh, it was stated that as a whole, we aren't the nicest to one another, and I agree. I deal with more women when go places, and most of them can use an attitude adjustment. I mean, we all have bad days and I get that, but I see them, I see that look that they give. As I'm walking towards them, it turns me off from a mile away. The article states how

competitive we are, be it sports or

trying to dress a certain way and trying to one up each other. It's not always the men that do this. I remember in high school there was this girl, beautiful girl, but whatever would wear, she would wear gold.

Drea (00:04:41) - Chains were big back in the day, so I'd wear two or three gold chains. She'd wear two or three gold chains. I would wear a certain type of shoe. She would wear a certain type of shoe, and I know that at that, you know, it's that whole, uh, what is that imitations form of flattery stuff, but I'm actually kind of, I wasn't flattered by that. Just I, I don't know. I like to be unique. Then there's the intimidation factor. We see someone who was always ou together, always put together and

think that they're perfect when we

don't realize that it's a struggle for someone else to look that way, or maybe they feel pressured to do so. Most of these women aren't the most secure. An article in Psychology Today by Matt Houston called 12 Ways to Spot a Female Misogynist talks about women who hate other women.

Drea (00:05:30) - There is a self I she hates everyone, including herself. She's in denial about hating herself, but not about hating other women. There is a she devil who sees other women as manipulative and unintelligent.

She competes with other women and would rather kick them off the ladder than help them succeed.

Then there's a Puritan who is subservient and hates women who are not. She finds ways to discipline them and learns ways of how to be from her misogynistic husband. Well. what can we do better? Because there's, there's gotta be a solution for, for this. We can cheer each other on. Since we're all fighting a battle no one knows about, we're all minorities no matter what race. Looking in the mirror, giving positive affirmations instead of comparing ourselves and being in awe on social media, realize that everyone shows their finer moments and highlight real. No one shows what they went through to get something or the arguments that they have with that spouse that you're envying loving yourself.

More is a start. So many of us change our appearances and wanna look like an IG model. Just look in the mirror and tell yourself that you're enough. I just think that we're stronger together.

Ladies. Why hate on someone that you don't know? When you know better, you do better. Please make sure you subscribe to my show so that you can get more

lOOk in the mirror and tell yourselt

that you're enough. I just think that we're stronger together.

Ladies. Why hate on someone that you don't know? When you know better, you do better. Please make sure you subscribe to my show so that you get more episodes from me. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks so much for listening.

Drea (00:07:15) - Thank you for listening to Dre's point of View.

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