March 17, 2023

Episode 343: Review: My first Ambies and PM experience

Episode 343: Review: My first Ambies and PM experience

I discuss my first time at the Ambies awards and at Podcast Movement in Vegas.

I talk about my Ambies and Podcast Movement experience in Vegas. Intro and outro @nikkos_ramone. Recorded and edited @mzoundz. Support the show by going to and leave a review , a voice message or buy some merch. Follow the show on twitter @dreapoint. Facebook @dreaspointofview Instagram @dreaspointofview Pinterest @dreaspointofview --- Send in a voice message:

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 So I had the opportunity to attend my very first and these awards show, as well as my very first podcast movement conference in Las Vegas this year. So because it was Vegas, I definitely didn't have a problem going, especially after I found out who one of the keynote speakers was. I listened to two other podcasters review their experience at the Ambeez. And now I wanted to give you mine. Thanks so much for tuning in to Drea’s point of view.
I will be your host, Drea, for the next few minutes. And I would love if you would consider following me on Twitter at Drea Point and on Facebook IG Clubhouse and Pinterest at drea's Point of view. The Ambie Awards, it's like the Oscars of podcasting. It was hosted at a great location about a block and a half from a strip beautiful lobby, great staff, and Amazing rooms as well.
Very large rooms. After you check-in, you get a welcome text. And an invitation to communicate with the staff that way as opposed to talking to them on the phone, which I thought was great. You gotta think about it too. Not too many places are gonna put you up somewhere crappy for a convention.
Right? So I think I'll consider staying there again. So the day's leading up to this festival. I got text and a QR code that would be necessary. For checking in.
I gotta admit, the check-in process for the podcast moment was one of the quickest that I've ever had. I picked up my badge before the conference started. Got a tote bag with some information inside. I was already impressed. Like, I'm all about doing things quickly.
Not to mention, there were tons of volunteers available to direct you. So, no, that was nice to see. Now, but first night. Tuesday night. Earlier this month was the Ambie  Awards.
Okay? It's actually in his third year But ironically, I'm in my third year of podcasting and haven't heard of them. I knew two nominees. And I figured since it was free, why not attend? Those nominees.
Out of cute points podcast and, of course, queer news. Now, of all the award shows I've been to, I've gotta say it was probably the most efficient. Production was on point. They deserved an award for how everything ran so smoothly. It was slated to last an hour and a half and that's how long it lasted.
We may have gotten out a few minutes early. You went through security after they marked your name off a list, The MC get on the mic about ten minutes prior, gave us the rules of the road, telling people to get their selfies out of the way now because your phones need to be shut off. She told people that they have thirty seconds, get to the stage, thirty seconds to say what they need to say, and that was it. And they stuck to it. I heard there was a huge timer, so they made sure that they abide it by that time.
I love it. The host was Larry Wilmore. And there were plenty plenty plenty of categories. You could check them out the list of nominees and winners Online.
They actually yeah. They were so they were nominated. And They had a category for the best DIY podcast. And that's where you have to have a budget under three thousand dollars. I I didn't even know that was a thing.
Who as a budget? I I think I may know one or two podcasters who may go over that budget, but that's that's it's an amazing category to be in. And a phenomenal and a Deshaun. From Q3 Radio, the host of queer news won. She swept the Black Podcast Awards last year, so definitely check her podcast out.
She gave the best speech of the night in my opinion. Production, like I said, they were on point. There were no snappoos or unnecessary pauses. The show ended on time. There were ushers directing us out in an orderly fashion.
Definitely. Definitely the best show I attended. So check them out ambeys dot com and try and go to future. And be old. You definitely won't be or just submit.
You definitely won't be disappointed. Now getting to the conference itself, I didn't stay for the whole conference. I stayed for maybe half of it because I was doing double duty. I actually had to be a tour guide for of my best friend's birthday week. So I I was really drained that first that first day.
It was really all a blur everything looked organized, you know, you had the it was in a ballroom type setting. There were different rooms up to the side. Definitely a lot of people were there. I did like the branding of one podcaster Her name, I can't I can't think of what the name is actually offhand, but she had her I believe it was her podcast name and her QR code on M and M's, which were placed on our seats. Much as I love M and M's.
Well, I'll eat them. I'll eat them. I I just don't wanna mess it up because of of how beautiful our branding is. I do like how there was an area in side of where the sessions were held to grab food and there was plenty of seating for everyone. There it was it was more of a professional vibe than what I'm used to in the past with the conferences.
I'd say about a good seventy five percent of the people brought their laptops to these sessions. Mine stayed on my bed at home because honestly it was the last thing I was thinking about bringing the babies. Although it was really the primary reason for me being there trying to learn, My pen and paper can't work just fine as well as my phone. Now the next day was a little bit more interesting to me. Session wise, They started everything started and ended on time, which I love.
They were each session was about forty five minutes long, which gave us fifteen minutes to get to the next one. Or a stop at the vendors. The signage was easy to read. We had booklets and, of course, you had plenty of volunteers to ask Two podcasters that I followed were speakers, the award winning hosts of Queer news, Anna. She was on a panel of all women talking about how we needed a space for us as bipoc.
It was definitely the most interesting session and definitely necessary. Danielle DeSere, she hosts us of a travel podcast whose name it would I cannot think of the name of it. I apologize. But she was definitely impressive. She was talking about having a media kit.
She had a slideshow presentation. It was probably the most packed session that I attended. She had everyone's attention. She yeah. She definitely was amazing.
There was even one led by a podcast lawyer, which was very useful. I don't even know there was a podcast lawyer, but I guess there's a lawyer for everything. I didn't stay I said, I didn't stay for the whole time, but I did end my day with one of the key note speakers. Steven Ace Smith. You know, he's got his podcast out now.
So he spoke with someone for about thirty minutes talking about his background in broadcasting, how he has his book out, and his podcast, and he's trying to get a late night talk show. He we saw the serious side of Stephen a. And, of course, he did make a few people laugh. But, yeah, that that was really the main reason for me defending was to see him. And it was a great conference overall.
I didn't attend any of the parties though. They didn't have after parties because like I said, my time was split between the conference and my friend. There is one next year in Los Angeles, but I think I'll just volunteer for that one. You know, sometimes you can get information overload, so I wanna try to apply some of that stuff to my podcast. I know the theme was really trying to be less hands on and try to get as much editing and show notes and stuff done by other I can't think right now.
Other organizations that can help you out with that, but please don't hesitate to go online and check out the future podcast movements. I believe there's one in Denver this summer. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button so that you don't miss any of my try weekly episodes. I thank you so much for listening.