March 3, 2023

Episode 337: Review: Gametime and Goldstar

Episode 337: Review: Gametime and Goldstar

Are you looking for discounted tickets to concerts, plays, and sporting events? Look no further! In this episode, I discuss the advantages of using the Gametime and Goldstar apps to purchase tickets for events. With Gametime, prices decrease the closer it gets to the event, and Goldstar offers tickets up to half off. I've been able to experience a lot of events from these apps, such as the American Music Awards and a show with Katt Williams and
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This episode discusses  the Game Time app and goldstar site for ticket deals. Intro and outro @nikkos_ramone. Recorded and edited @mzoundz. We've all heard of Ticketmaster and StubHub, but what about an app where the prices go down, the closer it gets to an event? I found one during COVID and I swear by it. It is called game time. Welcome to the short form podcast, Drea's point of view. I am your host, Drea, and I would like to invite you to follow this show on Twitter at Drea Point. And Andrea's point of view on Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse, and Pinterest. Last year when I reviewed that tour with New edition, I used the app about three hours before and get tickets for half rice. A few months ago, when I was looking for a wardrobe tickets, but didn't make it. I was on the game time app. I watched those prices decrease the closer I got to the show. And when I decided to purchase, it said that I would have a ticket sent to my ax account. So you do need AXS to access this and or You can also get an email, but it varies. But a x s, that's another account like StubHub where you can get tickets as well. You have to all that day, I had trouble accessing my account. So I was unable to buy those tickets, but they were fifty dollars to go to the American Music Awards, where the lowest price of tickets on other sites was one hundred dollars.  In case you're wondering it was at a small venue, so there aren't really any bad seats. You can purchase sports tickets on there as well. I know I've gotten a couple of good seats for less at some NBA games. You get to see a 3 d view of your seats, which is what I appreciate. Another app which is pretty good at giving you deals is GoldStar. You can see plays, concerts, and sporting events to have off. Some days, I'll even post twenty dollar seats. I've been able to experience so much from these apps. A few events may want you to pick up your tickets at Will Call. Recently, I was able to score tickets to see Katt Williams and Friends for half off over the New Year. So the next time you wanna check out an event, especially last minute, check out the game time app or gold star dot com for deals. It will really come in handy with all these tours coming up this year, especially those of you who are a part of the beehive. Judging why those ticket prices though I may have to sit that one out. Please do me a favor and hit that subscribe button for me as well as subscribe to my YouTube channel. I don't want you to miss any of the multiple episodes I have for you weekly. This show wasn't to make you change your mind, but simply to listen to Drea's point of view. Thank you for listening. Support the show at by leaving a review, buying some merch or catching up on episodes. Follow the show on Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Clubhouse : Pinterest: --- Send in a voice message:

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Gametime App: Gametime is an app that allows users to purchase tickets for events such as concerts, plays, and sporting events at discounted prices. It offers a 3D view of the seats

and prices decrease the closer it gets to the event.

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Goldstar App: Goldstar is another app that offers discounted tickets for plays, concerts, and sporting events. It can offer tickets up to half off and sometimes even $20 seats.

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Subscribing: Andrea encourages listeners to subscribe to her podcast and YouTube channel. She also mentions that ticket prices for the upcoming tours may be too expensive far har