Feb. 19, 2023

Episode 332: Places to Travel in 2023

Episode 332: Places to Travel in 2023

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Recently, I read an article in Conde Naste Traveler magazine that gave a list of the places to travel This year. Since the airports are more packed than they were pre Covid, I thought I'd dedicate this episode to some of the top places to travel.

I'm Drea, the hostess of Drea's point of view, and I would like to welcome you to my show. Drea's point of view is on Facebook, IG Clubhouse and Pinterest. You can also find me on Twitter @Dreapoint. The first place on the list is Auckland New Zealand. It is known for keeping covid under control. They have non-stop flights from six cities in February. They'll be celebrating the Chinese New Year with the Lantern festival. In March They'll have Pacifica, the largest Pacific Island festival in the world. Next on the list known for island getaways and safari lodges is Kenya. In Nairobi, they opened some new hotel concepts. The Social House of Nairobi opened pre pandemic and has 83 rooms of local products.  
On my list is Morocco known for desert stays and design exhibits. Marrakesh known to attract designers. There's also the Museum of African Contemporary Art. Memphis, Tennessee is on that list and I can agree to that. It has a lot of museums, good food and blues. There's a lot more than just Beale Street, so if you ever go, don't just go to Beale Street and Graceland. If you go in May, you can enjoy the world champion barbecue contest as Memphis in May, which is a long month long celebration. They have a lot of unique hotels opening there, including the Memphian and if I'm not mistaken, they have the Peabody Hotel at the top of it. They have these ducks that actually they're trained. They line up in a circle. It's very cute to see. So definitely add Memphis to your list.            Nepal is on the list. For those of you interested in mountain retreats. tea houses and a culinary experience is what attracts people to Taiwan. One area can not pronounce this, Ximending was just named one of the 51 coolest neighborhoods in the world. There's also a high speed rail in Thailand, one of the oldest cities. Japan is now open and welcoming people visa free. Those who have been Vaxxed don't need a covid test, but those who are un vaxxed need a negative test. Tokyo and Kyoto are the best places to see. I went once about seven years ago and was surprised at how reasonable prices were. They don't take tips either. I found that out when I tried to tip my server. She actually followed me out the door, ran after me and gave it back to me. It's a civilized society too, so it was definitely worth the visit for that alone. Bangkok is on this list for their culinary scene, their Virginia Blue Ridge mountains home to the Blue Ridge Parkway, also known as America's Favorite Drive. If you're big on adventure, hiking, horseback, archery, or even golf, then this is a place for you. Turks and Caicos is known for cruise upgrades and sleek resorts. White sands and blue waters is what attracts visitors there. More properties are planning to come this year, including the 31 acre South Bank, Turks and Caicos and the Strand Turks and Caicos, which is 20 minutes south of Grace Bay. Zamora, Spain is on the list and it has the most Romanesque architecture in Europe. It's also known for its lakes. Toro is their wine region. There is much more on the list. So where are you planning to visit? One of my cities to visit this year is Rio. My quote of the day comes from James Miser and it says, if you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people you might better stay home. Before I go, I wanna remind you to turn your notifications on so that you're one of the first to know of my new episodes. I am not trying to change your point of view. All I ask is that you listen to Drea's point of view. Thank you for listening. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dreaspointofview/message

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