Feb. 15, 2023

Episode 330: Digital Nomad Jobs for 2023

Episode 330: Digital Nomad Jobs for 2023

I mention jobs you can have remotely and how to get them.

In this episode I list some digital nomad jobs and where to find them. Intro and outro @nikkos_ramone Recorded and edited @mzoundz.

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There are over 2 million podcasts, but how many of those can massage the mind, elevate the senses, take you to another plateau. Allow me to introduce you to Drea’s point of view, the 10 minute or less podcast that brings you observations and experiences from her perspective.
It seems like everyone wants to not only travel, but work remotely. So what if I told you it's easier than you think to do? Both? Being a digital nomad is on the rise, and I would love to give you a list of some of those jobs for 2023. Allow me to welcome you to Drea's point of view. I am your hostess, Drea. You can follow the show at Drea Point on Twitter and at Dre's point of view on Instagram, clubhouse, Facebook and Pinterest.

You can be a social media manager. They are responsible for managing a company's social media. You engage with followers and create content. Almost everyone is looking for that. They wear many hats, but no two days are the same. For you Web developers, being a digital nomad is for you. You're responsible for creating websites and developing databases. This job can definitely work from anywhere in the world. A graphic designer is one of the most in demand. These are skilled professionals responsible for layouts, logos, and making sure the client's needs are met. They also work independently, so this may be something that will work for you. You can work from anywhere If you're a copywriter, it's a creative job where you make brochures and other marketing materials. You can be an affiliate marketing manager. You would recruit affiliates and track the sales data. You will manage and develop marketing programs. Virtual assistants are very popular. I see those advertised a lot on the socials. They give support from any location. They book travel plan a schedule, handle emails and more. They have to be organized and have good communication skills. There is also the content creator. This entails writing, photography or even being a podcaster. You need strong writing skills or an eye for design. There are three types of digital nomads. The first type is being fully remote. You still have an employer, but you work from home instead of an office. The second is a freelancer where you can charge by the hour. You're fully independent and choose your own hours. Then there's the online entrepreneur. They take risks financially to get their business going. They depend on employees or freelancers, so you're probably wondering where can you sign up for these jobs? There are plenty of places to find digital nomad jobs. Some of these sites are remote.co remotetive.co. weworkremotely.com and workingnomads.com. Good luck to those of you who are interested. My goal isn't to change your point of view, but to see things from Drea's point of view. Please don't forget to subscribe to my show as well as my YouTube channel, Drea's point of view, so you don't miss any of the multiple episodes that I have for you each week. Thanks so much for listening. More products Check out my merchandise at: https://www.theedreaspointofview.com/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dreaspointofview/message