Oct. 27, 2021

Episode 162: Why aren’t there more men choosing to settle down?

Episode 162: Why aren’t there more men choosing to settle down?
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So I read a Twitter question the other day which had the most responses I think I have ever seen a post and I wanted to share them with you today welcome to Reyes point of you I am your hostess Drea. if you are a seasoned listener then welcome back and if you are listening to me for the very first time then welcome you're in the right place make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can get a Biweekly dose of Drea follow me on IG Facebook address point of view and Twitter at Dreapoint. so I can only speak from observation on this subject since I am not a guy and I didn't respond to anyone's comment but I did agree with your responses why are Man and it was pose by a woman why aren't men choosing to settle down something along those lines it was a while ago and the first response said the benefits of marriage has drastically reduced another one said that being single is all a man has. we have to enjoy it and when the enjoyment doesn't Tire us , what a man is married he has no life He starts to live for his kids and wife . I thought that was interesting. marriage is a burden it's on our society and religion make it look like an achievement that was interesting marriage is stressful and closing your dreams as another or chasing your dreams is another stress I cannot go and put the stress together at the same time with dreams so I Chase my dreams . men have financial targets that they must meet before asking anyone to marry them some guys already enjoy Merrell privileges from my girlfriends so what's the point in marrying that part I actually agree with another guy I said because bachelor life is actually sweet once and then I just broke men that settle down and then they can afford marriage and children if they're not broke they haven't found one mostly men truly want to settle down despite their social class but find it difficult because of their failed relationships that love was taken for granted so many have lost the ability to Develop any emotional connection while some don't have the maturity to settle down yet from a female so many broken and bitter people out there male and female some weren't raised with love some experienced an ugly upbringing but growing up and heartbreak from previous relationships it's sad that the lady will possibly fall into a broken man's death And vice versa I agree with that Intro from @nikkos_Ramone and outro from @lifeofloganpodcast host. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dreaspointofview/message

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