Nov. 14, 2021

Clarity episode

Clarity episode
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Intro from @nikos_ramone. Outro @lifeofloganpod. So I got a new pair of glasses. No that's not what this episode is about but it's basically about clarity so I want to start with that new pair of glasses from zeelool. presentation is everything. I usually get those glasses in a box with a Ziploc That has my glasses and a cleaning cloth but this time I got it in a white package with bubble wrap inside and a plastic case. I was very impressed. WelCome to Drea’s point of view I am your hostess Drea. if you are a new season listening make sure you hit that subscribe button so that you can get a biweekly dose of Drea and follow me on IG and Facebook at Drea’s point of view as well as Drea point on Twitter. so I'm happy with my purchase of plum frames and they're very sturdy looking compared to my previous Purchases from them. they also held up but very very impressed and I just want to share that and that leads me to something that happened . --- Send in a voice message:

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