Nov. 24, 2021

Cali laws

Cali laws
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Intro courtesy of @nikkos_ramone. Outro courtesy of @lifeofloganpod there was a recall in California earlier this year with 50 people on the ballots for Gavin Newsom it was questionable whether or not he would win or not but he did and he signed he passed 770 bills into law I don't know how many our president signed , but I think that is a huge number so I just wanted to talk about a few of those that I found interesting Welcome to Drea’s point of view. I am your hostess Drea if you are a new or seasoned listener, make sure that you hit that subscribe button for me sure that you get a biweekly dose of Drea you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook at Drea’s Point of View as well as on twitter you can find me at dreapoint. I’ve always been a curious person that I am I wanted to see which laws were passed and talk about the ones that I really care about so here goes. The first one is ethnic studies is now a high school requirements this is a huge topic this year with many people being against it I think is important to know as much as possible since many ethnicities took part in our nations history. although I didn't learn much about ours when I was at school I can't imagine not even knowing what I did. The second one was the menstrual equity bill that was passed to allow secondary schools and colleges to provide feminine products for free it's a very good idea considering how many low income students there are I know there is a community college near me that's providing home with students will sleep in their car a safe place to do so and take showers and they will get ticketed I think every little bit helps The third one is Free Press allowed at protests I'm really glad for this one because I remember earlier this year or the last year but I saw a reporter being arrested on CNN I didn't think that was possible but I'm glad that police won't be able to interfere with or obstruct their Jobs. let everyone do their job in peace I say. --- Send in a voice message:

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