April 23, 2021

BONUS EPISODE- My movies are nominated for an Oscar

BONUS EPISODE- My movies are nominated for an Oscar
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As a huge fan of the Oscars, I was happy to hear that three of the movies I saw are being nominated. Promising Young Woman which I did a review about is discussed. The movie was female directed. Nomadland with Frances Mcdormand was in this and the director is an Asian female who won a golden globe. Could you be a nomad? The last movie I will review is The Father with Sit Anthony Hopkins. This movie is relatable if you are a caregiver of a parent. Please follow me on fb and ig at dreaspointofview and dreapoint on Twitter. You can leave a review, buy merch or become a patreon member to support my female hosted podcast. Thanks for your support. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/andrea-brigette/message

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