Feb. 18, 2022

BONUS: Are you Empathetic , Sympathetic, Apathetic or Anti?

BONUS: Are you Empathetic , Sympathetic, Apathetic or Anti?
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Let’s suppose someone tells you a sad story . Their dog ran away or they lost their wallet. How do you respond? Do you feel their pain ? Do you try to relate to their loss? Or could you not care less? Your response says whether you are a sympathetic person, an empathetic person or an apathetic person. Welcome to Drea’s point of view. I am your hostess Drea. For those of you listening to me for the first time, you e made the right choice. For my seasoned listeners, welcome back. Before you get to the end, I ask that you hit that subscribe button so that you don’t miss any episodes from me. If you are on ig or meta you can follow me at dreaspointofview and Twitter at dreapoint. Intro @nikkos_ramone. Outro @ lifeofloganpod Leave a review. Buy some merch or catch up on all episodes at www.theedreaspointofview.com. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dreaspointofview/message

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