Dec. 26, 2021

Adults and Cartoons

Adults and Cartoons
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was inspired to do this episode from my friend Roosevelt who is the host of the X&Y show podcast he always reminds me when a holiday cartoon is on and even said that his friend he's them about like in cartoons why do people like to put others down for what they like as If it affects them I like cartoons myself so I thought I talk about those of us who still have a little kid in us Welcome to Drea’s Point of View I am your hostess Drea and I would like to welcome new and old listen to my show and invite you to hit that subscribe button where ever you get your podcast that you won't miss a biweekly dose of Drea feel free to follow me and I G and meta-at Drea’s Point of View as well as on Twitter at Drea point . Intro @nikkos_ramone . Outro @lifeofloganpod. Recorded and Edited @mzoundz. --- Send in a voice message:

Thank you for listening .